Updated: May 29, 2020

When it comes to saving water, many of us have different views to share which are still not in practical use. Many of us are still not aware about the critical situation of fresh water shortage globally. There have been various water saving techniques and solutions recommended which are far from being implemented before the WORLD finally runs out of fresh water. But there are still some ways which can be implemented without any extra efforts and is also very cost effective. This first step taken towards saving water can be started from our very own house i.e., a KITCHEN.

How can water be saved?

In kitchen, the requirement of fresh water is necessary for cooking, drinking and even washing vegetables and fruits and washing utensils and dishes.

The first and best way to avoid water wastage can be done by:

  • Using biodegradable disposable leaf plates for eating.

  • Using paper glass and 'kulhad' or clay cup for drinking purpose.

  • Using biodegradable disposable wooden cutleries.

Leaf plates can be of any types such as areca, banana, sal or anything which are larger in size and are suitable for hygienic eating.

This will reduce utensil washing, thus saving unnecessary water wastage. Only utensils used for cooking purpose can be washed. It will also reduce washing time.

Environment Impact :-

There will be positive environment impact outcome by the above ways as follows:

  • Less water will be wasted thus saving water.

  • Washing time consumption will be reduced.

  • As these leaf plates are biodegradable, they will be easily decomposed and converted into organic compost.

  • These organic compost will increase fertility of farming land.

  • Use of leaf plates will increase and encourage more tree plantations, thus encouraging rainfall.

  • Used clay pots can be reused as flower pot or plant pot or for seed germination in houses.

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