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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

DIY and recycling any products or items are now trending widely. The products or items can be easily reused to make useful item for household. It helps with new innovative and decorative ideas with budget friendly extra things and increase the beauty of the house or a room or outside areas. The main purpose of DIY and recycling is to protect environment and reduce waste by recycling products.


Everyone loves nature and plants. Due to increasing air pollution and decreasing air quality, all kinds of health effects are arising. Also green beauty of EARTH is also degrading at very fast pace and becoming ugly to live.

So to help with improving all damages already done, people are now taking up gardening and started decorating homes with all kinds of plants and flowers. While many have garden spaces, some don't have such spaces like those living in apartments or have very small homes which don't have spaces for plant pots.

The best way trending now-a-days are DIY and recycling home products to make or convert into plant pot. A person like me who is currently living in small house with no balcony or proper spaces for plant pots, have started recycling empty plastic jars as an alternative for small planting pots.

The following are the steps for planting pot DIY :

Step 1 -

Take an empty plastic jar and clean it and leave it to dry completely.

Step 2 -

Make a drainage hole in the centre at the bottom of the jar.

Step 3 -

Take any empty caps of soda or plastic bottles and clean dry it. Paste it to the bottom of the jar with a strong glue to make it as a stand support for the jar.

Step 4 -

Place the lid of the jar at the bottom to use it as an excess drained water collector plate.

Step 5 -

Put a stone at the draining hole to avoid washing of soil with water. Fill the jar with potting soil and sow any seed or seedling or plant any variety of small flower of your choice.


These jars can be decorated or painted of your choice. These are suitable for small plants only. Indoor plants and succulents are best suitable and can be decorated inside homes or small areas where sunlight is suitably available for the plants. These will make your house more beautiful and lovable.

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