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Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Earth is facing a massive problem of all kinds of pollution every single second. Not only earth but in space surrounding earth including moon and other planets where different research satellites and probes are sent.

There is a constant cry about saving environment since a very long time, but it is growing day by day instead of being controlled and minimized.

Earth made of Plastic

We as a general population like to keep our own home clean, tidy and organized, but outside home it does not belong to us so we don't take responsibility in keeping our surroundings clean. But we do want to 'see' our surroundings and city clean.

Everyone has their own duties to keep the city and area clean and waste free, but it has everyone's equal responsibility to 'keep' the cleanliness in check.

A very simple and easy steps to follow environment rules is 3Rs which if implemented at home will automatically keep outside area clean without any effort.

3Rs which means REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. These three can be implemented at home and there will be not much effort to keep our area clean. Just follow very simple day to day routine of each three Rs.

REDUCE - Reduce means to minimize the waste generated at home.

  • Cooking is a very much required household routine. This generates most of the wastes in the form of vegetable wastes, leftover foods, etc. The vegetable wastes can be collected in a seperate bin and can be easily converted into a compost. The compost can form within few weeks to some months depending upon the amount of waste. This will reduce the extra waste which is taken to seperate waste management plant to convert it into compost or landfill. The compost formed at home can be used in garden or field or even public garden places where trees and plants are grown. Or if excess compost is formed just scatter it on any available open soil or land area which will only improve land and soil quality.

  • We are habitual in buying groceries from superstores and supermarkets, where majority of groceries are available in plastic packaging. If you have no other option than to buy the packet, then after emptying the package and cleaning it with normal soap water, keep and collect these packets instead of throwing. These supermarket packets are 'buyback' packets. You will find the amount of buyback per required weightage printed on the packet itself. When collected in sufficient quantity, bring them back to supermarket and sell it back at the printed amount or based on the weightage of packets. This will keep your home plastic free, reduce the plastic waste outside and supermarkets will be able to recycle their own packets easily without much expenses.

REUSE - Reuse means to find another way to use things instead of throwing out.

  • Clothes and shoes are the most desired things for us. Due to this we have our wardrobes almost overflowing. The best way to reuse these clothes and shoes is to donate to organizations or give them to people who lives on streets or platforms or small shelters. This will keep your home clutter free and will also find useful and meaningful reuse of your clothes by the needy.

  • Kitchen organization is every households hectic schedule. It is necessary to keep groceries and spices in a closed airtight container or jar to keep them from getting spoiled. Also it keeps the kitchen easily manageable and tidier. But instead of getting new containers or jar, we have already available jars which comes in food packaging like pickels, sauces, chutneys, jam, etc. We can reuse them after washing and cleaning and will help in maintaining our budget also.

  • Similar boxes and containers which are available from sweet packaging and others can be reused as a storage or organization boxes. This will keep our homes much tidier without any expense and will reduce waste.

RECYCLE - Recycle is a most popular way to reduce waste. Recycling items or any other things to craft or make any productive item which can be easily used in household without actually getting similar products from market. There are so many DIYs and recycled items available online and also on video based platforms.

  • Corrugated cardboards and boxes can be recycled into useful furniture or household items for storage and organization.

  • Glass jars and bottles can also be converted into any DIY crafty bottles for decorations.

  • Plastic bottles find much uses in making recycled planting pots or watering can or sprayers.

Apart from these simple routines, there are e-waste problems which general population have no information on how to discard or dispose them. It's very easy. Just find an authorized e-waste recyclers from your area and either sell or donate them. It will keep our planet safe from e-waste hazards which are created from normal garbage disposal.

Segregating wastes in a seperate alloted bins is not easy as general homes have only one or two bins to collect wastes. So it is always ignored tasks to avoid any waste disposal hassle. But it increases the task of waste collectors and waste recyclers to segregate them, which they mostly skip (as they are humans also) and garbages find their place in landfill which is also creating pollution instead of waste management.

These above little habits and routine will reduce segregation task and wastes and garbage will be reduced and this will keep our outer surroundings and city clean along with our homes.

Hope this page will provide a very basic and general information about environment management without much effort.


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