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Our educational platform at Sonartive EduHub offers comprehensive learning materials to help students excel in engineering subjects, quantitative aptitude, general knowledge, genreral studies, logical reasoning and competitive examinations such as IBPS, Bank, SBI PO and SO, RRB, and SSC. We have a wide selection of courses that are designed to help students build a solid foundation in the topics they are studying and prepare them for success in their upcoming exams. Our courses are structured to provide a comprehensive overview of the topics and provide plenty of practice opportunities for students to hone their skills. With our resources, students can be sure that they have the best possible preparation for any competitive exams.


Our Education Resources section provides a wealth of study materials to help you get the most out of your educational experience. Our online videos provide helpful instruction on a variety of topics. We also offer PDFs of educational materials to download as well as mock tests to help you practice and prepare for upcoming exams. Our practice questions are also designed to help you gain a better understanding of key concepts. We believe our resources are the perfect way to make sure you get the most out of your educational journey.



Engineering subjects are varied and diverse, and include whole level of engineering. Here in Sonartive EduHub, the following engineering subjects of streams Electronics engineering, Electronics and Communication engineering, Communication engineering, Safety engineering, Fire Safety engineering, Health, Safety and Environment engineering, Environment Engineering, Electrical engineering, and Electrical and Electronics engineering. Electronics engineering is the science and technology of controlling electrical energy, signals, and devices. Electronics and Communication engineering involves the study of electronic circuits used for communication. Communication engineering focuses on the transmission of information through various means. Safety engineering involves the design and implementation of measures to ensure safety in the workplace. Fire Safety engineering involves the prevention and control of fires. Health, Safety and Environment engineering focuses on the protection and conservation of the environment. Environment engineering deals with the management of environmental resources and protection of the environment. Electrical engineering focuses on the design and development of electricity and related systems. Electrical and Electronics engineering combines the study of electrical and electronic systems. All these are covered for students of Diploma, B.E. / B.Tech. and M.Tech. degrees.


Quantitative aptitude is an important component of competitive exams such as Banking, IBPS, SBI PO and SO, RRB, SSC, etc. The main aim of this section is to test the problem solving ability of candidates. It includes questions related to arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, data interpretation, statistics, probability, etc. It is important to practice various types of questions regularly to ace the quantitative aptitude section. There are various online resources available on EduHub which can be used to improve your numerical aptitude.


General knowledge for competitive exams is a broad and wide-ranging area of study. It covers a variety of topics related to history, politics, geography, science, literature, and current events. To excel in this area, it is important to stay informed of current events and have a broad base of knowledge. Additionally, it is important to practice problem-solving skills and practice exams to prepare for the competition. It is also a good idea to read books, magazines, and newspapers to expand your knowledge in a wide range of topics. With hard work and dedication, you can be successful in any competitive exam. At EduHub, you will be provided with all the necessary topics and guidance to achieve your goals.



Quantitative Aptitude

General Knowledge

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